Manage, control and optimize your business with our ERP software

APrintStore ERP software is a powerful tool for managing all the processes of a printing and copying company.

Thanks to aPrintStore you will be able to make important decisions easily since you will have a global vision of all the information in real time about your business, as well as control over all administrative processes and products.

You will be able to automate, simplify and optimize all the tasks of your business, and you will save time and money that you can invest in other important aspects of your company such as being more competitive and efficient.
ERP software for the management of printing and copying.
Order control with ERP software for printers and copy shops.

A single software to manage your entire business

Your employees and you will be able to easily manage all orders and offers from all customers since the aPrintStore ERP is designed efficiently and optimally to take advantage of all the workflows of a printing and copy shop.

Forget about using different programs or steps to make an offer and follow up: with aPrintStore you will save time when creating new orders with existing, new or invited customers.

Do you know that aPrintStore has full integration?

We have devised a system to order each process to its specific area with notices to know what is pending. Thanks to this, all tasks will be automatically assigned to the corresponding department. It also has many other features.
Automatic assignment

The products of each order are automatically assigned to the corresponding department. Task lists are created to know what is pending in each job.

Send to printer

Thanks to the software, graphic files can be sent directly to the print queue of compatible equipment. In this way processes are automated.

Complex products

It has tools to create products with advanced calculators with multiple custom options. This is essential for many printed products.


At all times you have a tracking to know in what state is each product of an order. This allows greater control of deadlines, production and delivery.

Delivery control

Once the work is finished, if the client has decided to make a collection, it is automatically assigned to a free shelf where it can be deposited. In case of shipment, it allows to create labels and follow up.

Automatic communication

The client will receive in his email all relevant information about his order. This includes purchase summary, invoice, shipment with tracking number or shelf until collection.


It allows an overview of the order with all the employees in charge from its creation to its completion. This way you can determine responsibilities and solve unforeseen events.

Media library

Stores all relevant customer and / or order documents. They can be emails, graphic or text files.

Create complex rates with the aPrintStore calculator

We know the need to create complex rates for printing products, that is why we integrated a complex calculator that allows us to create different formulas for the multiple products of a printing or copy shop. You can configure and calculate with all the options for calculating prices such as material, size, thickness, m2, units, etc.

Add rules and formulas autonomously without the need for help. Just enter the data and aPrintStore will calculate it for you.

Calculate rates directly with ERP software for printers and copy shops.

Know everything that aPrintStore does for you

Create, manage and control your orders.

Create and send offers and transform them into orders.

You will be able to see in a general way the status of the orders.

Manage your customers, their addresses, their payment methods, etc.

Follow the path of the products both in their production and in their shipment.

Find all orders and offers quickly eg for frequent orders.

Generate graphs of income and costs with many filters

View sales in customizable reports.

List all invoices and the state they are in.

Review the actions performed in the software.

Use the NFC system to identify yourself quickly.

Manage your products and their complex configurations without third parties.

Create the different payment methods and manage them.

Add your delivery methods.

Manage the users of your workers and the permissions for the software.

Manage your physical stores from one place.

Control the expenses generated by the issuance of discounts and vouchers.

And much more!

Printing and copying materials and products

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